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What UCS M&A can do for you

What we do

What Can UCS M&A Do for You?

UCS Mergers & Acquisitions offers a wide array of services geared toward the sale, acquisition, merger and valuation of privately held, small and mid-market firms or publicly held companies.


UCS provides a level of expertise and resources to mid-market firms that were previously only available to much larger companies. Our years of business sale experience in this highly specialized field create an advantage for our clients, even when negotiating with the most experienced acquirers. This sets us apart from other mergers and acquisitions firms.


A paramount importance and our approach is tailored toward maintaining confidentiality throughout the process.

Success-Based Fee Structure:

Our proven “success-based” approach to business sales, coupled with proper presentation of the operational and financial aspects of your firm, will maximize your company’s value and enables our success rate to be considerably higher than that of the industry.

Business Valuation:

Business sale transactional experience in the middle market enables us to provide an objective, professional opinion of realistic anticipated business valuation and transaction structure. It is important to understand your options and then make an informed decision, prior to beginning the process.



Our extensive network of business and professional contacts and research capabilities enable us to provide rapid and targeted introductions of appropriate buyers including strategic acquirers, financial buyers and private equity firms.

We work with you throughout the transaction lifecycle, helping you to achieve your strategic objectives across acquisitions, Divestitures, spin-offs, slump sale, management buy-outs, buy-ins, fundraisings, Initial Public Offerings, takeovers, and mergers.


The key steps involved in our M&A advisory role are:

  1. Identification of the business to be acquired.
  2. Strategic planning of acquisition.
  3. Identifying key targets locally and internationally.
  4. Valuation.
  5. Transaction structuring, and negotiation.
  6. Advice on financing, be it debt, equity or other more complex instruments.
  7. Supervising due diligence, legal and other issues to work towards a successful completion.

Some of our Primary Services during M&A Assignment include:

  1. Representing Buyers/Sellers.
  2. Document Preparation*.
  3. Strategic Marketing.
  4. Multiple Offers.
  5. Negotiation.
  6. Due Diligence.
  7. Closing Document-Exhibit Preparation.
  8. Transaction Closure.

Capitalizing our years of experience, we have created highly successful, above industry-norm marketing documents. These are leveraged with our mergers & acquisitions experience, from the very beginning clear through the negotiation process, to bring multiple offers for our clients.

The Real Difference
Here at UCS M&A Consultancy we do things differently than our competitors.


Uniquely Qualified:

  1. Expertise in both buy or sell-side representation.
  2. Defined, systematic process to ensure better valuation for you.
  3. Experienced Team of negotiating professionals on your side.
  4. Removes you from one-to-one negotiation with a single buyer.
  5. Brings you multiple, simultaneous buyers at the negotiating table.
  6. Accomplished consultants and technical experts/deal makers on your team.
  7. Understand and appreciate the emotional issues you will have.
  8. Prepare you at each step for the sale / acquisition by educating you on the process and steps.
  9. Prepare you for every meeting with buyers / sellers.
  10. Full support for you through all aspects of the sale / acquisition.
  11. Provide proactive representation at all meetings and on-site visits.
  12. Work with your M&A technical team on all documents, exhibits, schedules, etc.
  13. Prepare and deliver all Due Diligence materials as requested by each buyer*.


What This Means for You

  1. You are removed from one-to-one negotiation with a single buyer/seller.
  2. Multiple buyers/seller to assure you can obtain the best fit going forward for your company and employees.
  3. Eliminate time consuming activities for you in searching right buyer / seller, preparing for initial presentations / documentations, due diligence, and transaction closure of your company.
  4. Maximize your productive time for growing and operating your business.
  5. The Highest possible valuation/growth for your business.


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