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Startup Assistance Service


Here’s a list of key consulting areas we work on for our overseas / startup clients

Key consulting areas
We support you by offering expert consultation in a variety of key business areas.

Brand awareness

As you are entering a new country with your brand, we ensure to create awareness about it among your target consumers. We help design custom marketing strategies that can position your brand effectively. In addition, we use latest advertising means to make potential users know about your products/services.

Marketing and sales

We not only formulate marketing and sales strategies for your business, but also track the way those strategies work for your business. We design relevant programs for the brand communication of your business. We also help you advertise your business through several effective channels.

Website and digital marketing

While we help you to set up and promote your business in India, we make sure to use a variety of publicity techniques that include website and digital marketing. We guide you through the construction of your business website and also spread the word through digital means of connectivity.

Joint venture

When you are setting up your subsidiary in India, we can help you with all the tasks related to having joint ventures with business partners in India. While we support you in finding the right partners, we also ensure to perform negotiations with them.

Merger and acquisition

Our business consulting services also include the assistance in handling your mergers and acquisitions. Our consultants assist in handling all types of business analyses and legal matters. They also guide you on the related governmental policies and laws in relation to mergers and acquisitions.

Consumer research

We perform custom research for you when you plan to target a consumer population. Using a wide range of sources, we approach the consumer market and dish out the required data through relevant consumer research. We then analyze the data and offer statistics on critical factors.

Market intelligence

It is extremely important to know the market you are entering or have entered. Our experts have a feel of all types of industries and they help you in tracking market intelligence to give you that feel of the existing and potential competition for your business.


With the leading technology, our experts perform effective searches to procure the required materials and services for your operations. Our experts make sure to bring-in the right vendors and conduct deals at lowest prices. Our major target is to minimize costs and maximize your revenues.

Company registration

Our consultants are aware of the Indian legal laws and regulations in concern with the registration of a new company. Thus, they take care of all required legal and taxation matters when your business needs to be registered in India. They also guide you on the involved financial matters.


We offer reliable solutions when it is concerned with audit services. We are able to cater to all your audit and accounts management needs. We further support you through compliance management, actuarial and corporate reporting services. Additionally, we handle system and process maintenance, as well as infrastructure management.


When it comes to taxation services, we handle all your business taxes, as well as global corporate tax. We take care of all direct and indirect taxes to be imposed on your products/services. We also offer tax consultation during business transition, set up and management stages.


We have experienced legal specialists to provide consultation on your legal cases and trading practices. Our experts also answer your customs-related queries and support with all business disputes. We deliver trustworthy consulting services when it comes to your claims cases or arbitration matters.

Government liaison

We provide consulting services on government liaison when you plan to set up or run your business operations in India. We offer all legal and statutory compliance information during the time of your company’s registration or approval, as well as its operations management.


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