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One Stop Solution Provider


One Stop Solution provider

We undertake comprehensive management of all project activities, right from conception through completion of construction and commissioning, validation, technology transfer, including Continuous Monitoring, thereafter to achieve the projected savings in time and money to add value to our services for the benefit of our clients.We also assist in the up gradation of plants in accordance with the latest industry standards.

Timely Schedule

With the help of specialist consultants for different sections, we are able to achieve the project deadline in less than half time than the competitor hence TIME SAVING


With the help of world class principles, we achieve good quality of machines with a double check FAT facility. (First FAT by UCS second by Client) so DOUBLE QUALITY ASSURANCE.

Value Addition

We not only work for our clients but all our endeavour is to create maximum value for our clients, minimise cost and time and deliver projects which exceeds clients expectations.

We Provide not only projects, but can also guide clients for what products to be produced, based on market study

End to End Solutions

We Provide not only projects, but can also guide clients for what products to be produced, based on market study

Flexible for any kind of customisation

Pre Audit:

Unicorn Pharma Consultant assists clients to prepare for an imminent regulatory inspection by carrying out one or more mock regulatory audits in advance of the real thing.

Our consultants will visit the your facility and carry out an inspection in the style of the relevant regulatory body (FDA, MHRA, EMA, Saudi FDA, GCC etc.) after which we provide:

  1. An in-depth, impartial and professional assessment of their current state of compliance.
  2. A detailed, prioritized action plan for the rectification of areas of non-compliance and vulnerability.
  3. Staff coaching in the sorts of questions which are likely to be asked during the inspection and how best to answer them.
  4. Sound, practical support and advice in the run-up to the real inspection.


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