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  A public limited company listed at Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange of India Limited. Nova is extensively engaged in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical formulation since 1997, having multi location manufacturing units located at Daman [Union Territory] and Baddi [Himachal Pradesh]. The Company's major expansion program with a view to cater to the international market has been validated for commissioning.

Nova has to its credit several distinctions. It's in the forefront of contract manufacturing with India's leading and multinational pharmaceutical companies. Nova first plant is situated at Daman, which is having dedicated block for General and Betalactum products in oral dosage form. 

The Company has set-up two plants spread across "dimensions" at Himachal Pradesh in excise and pollution free zone, amongst lush green surroundings. The main object behind setting up two units was to cater Domestic and International Market. 

Our more than 400 different formulations of various dosage forms i.e. Tablets, Capsules, Dry Syrups, Liquid Orals, Injectables, Oinments, etc. are currently manufactured in Nova multi location manufacturing facilities. Company has already received WHO GMP Certification for both Units at Himachal Pradesh.

Unit I

Each unit is having stand alone dedicated manufacturing facilities with modular cleanroom panels for General Products, Betalactum Products and Cephalosporin Products in oral dosage forms, having dedicated Quality Control Laboratories. The manufacturing areas of all blocks are maintained at Class 100,000.

In General Block, Oral liquid filling and packaging line is connected to fully automatic cartoning and case packing machine from Romaco, Italy.

Betalactum and Cephalosporin Blocks are having low RH (<25%) manufacturing areas with continuous RH temperature monitoring system procured from Rotronic - Switzerland. Both the Dry Syrup filling and packaging lines of Betalactum and Cephalosporin Blocks are having on-line non-destructive leak testing machines from Bonfiglioli - Italy for filled and sealed bottles giving the advantage of 100% check on sealed containers and fully automatic cartoning and case packing machine from Romaco - Italy. 

Unit II

State-of the art technology built-in high degree of automation which is one of its kind in India and South East Asia, having dedicated manufacturing blocks for General Products and Cephalosporin Products with modular cleanroom panels from Thrislington, U.K. and designed as per USFDA/MHRA norms.

General Block is having manufacturing facility of Tablets, Capsules, Effervescent Tablet, Liquid Injections, Ointments, FFS (Form Fill & Seal), Transdermal Patches and Oral Film.

Cephalosporin Block is having manufacturing facility of Tablets, Capsules, Dry Syrup and Sterile Dry Powder Injections.

The Manufacturing areas of Oral Dosage Forms and Ointment are maintained at Class 1,00,000 and has BV13 filters and area of Liquid Injection and Sterile Dry Powder Injections are maintained as per classification required

There is a high focus onwards automation to avoid human intervention and errors occured thereon and in the process, various standard machineries are imported to meet the requirements.

In General Block and Cephalosporin Block, Tablet Compression and Capsule Filling machines are procured from Sejong-Korea, AluAlu Blister Pack machine from Hoonga-Korea, fully Automatic Strip Pack machine from Siebler-Germany and all packaging lines are connected to automatic cartoning and case packing machine from Hoonga-Korea and Romaco-Italy.

In EVT area, single pot manufacturing equipment is procured from Zanchetta-Italy and Strip Pack machine from Siebler-Germany and automatic cartoning and case packing machine from Romaco-Italy.

Ointment filling line and Sterile Dry Powder filling line from RomacoMacofar-Italy are connected to automatic cartoning and case packing machine from Romaco-Italy.

As a major step towards Nova’s progress in International Market, it is ready with Transdermal Patches like Fentanyl, Cold Fleece and many molecules for Oral Film. In the first phase, Nova is ready with Ondansetron, Olanzapine and Donepezil HCl in technical colaboration with Labtec GmbH, Germany and Applied Pharma Research, Switzerland. In Second Phase, Ketotifen Fumarate, Baclofen, Rivastigmine, Sildenafil Citrate and Glimepiride are planned


Delhi Office:
  • 107, RG Square,I.P Ext.Patparganj,
  • New Delhi -110092,India

Noida Office:
  • 740,Tower-B, Plot No. A-40,Sector - 62,
  • Noida 201301 (UP), India

Japan Office:
  • 1-5-9-503, SAILOR KOMATSUGAWA,